Style Guide: What to Wear

Like the location, what you wear should also be a reflection of you.  Above all, keep location and weather in mind when reading this article and planning your session wardrobe.  I’ve also put together this inspiration board of items I think work well with Parisian backdrops. 

Dress up nice - you’ll thank me later 

Wear things that are fun, different and a little out of the norm from your everyday clothing choices - the things you always want to wear but don’t.  Take this as an excuse to buy that dress you have had your eye on or break out the shoes you look amazing in and just had to buy.  Find an inspiration piece and build on it.  For example, pick a dress and then draw from the dress colors for everyone else.  For family photos, doll up the kids and dress yourselves a little more simply so everyone isn’t overstyled.  

Primary colors play a huge part in my role

Neutrals with a touch of red, yellow, or blue can make any ensemble pop and help you stand out from the background. Wearing a pair of red shoes, tights, or a bright blue tie will transform outfits! If you’re more comfortable in black or navy, maybe a forest green or wine red is more in your comfort zone, but colors always make for lovely photos.  The same works with hints of pattern!

Include accessories

Try including accessories - gentlemen too!  A simple necklace, wide rimmed hat, or a scarf can complete and even change a look.  This makes for a great option to change your look effortlessly between shots or poses.  For men, a fitted button up shirt is great but don’t forget to try mixing it up with a blazer or a favorite T shirt with dressier shoes.  Please, learn from my mistakes and leave baseball hats at home :)

Also, consider your nails before the session if you’re wearing open toed shoes or prefer having your nails done! For some people, doing that little bit extra that will make you feel confident and, you guessed it, confidence is paramount!

A few things to avoid

Coordination is important - avoid matching and mix patterns!  This makes a shoot more interesting and pleasing to the eye.  Avoid polos, tennis shoes and sneakers. There are always exceptions to the rules, but one rule I must insist on is no logo shirts or large patterns.  Also, try to avoid any clothing that may show unintentionally visible bra straps, tags, or semi-transparent clothing that could reveal undergarments in photos, if it makes you uncomfortable.

During the session, plan on only carrying the bare minimum – if you can, leave purses, bags, cell phones, etc. at home or I can carry them for you.  If it’s cold, dress warmly and bring a coat to wear inbetween shots or while walking to other locations.  If the shoes are a little more daring, be sure to bring a pair of flats too for inbetween shots.

Trust your personal style

If there is something you are not sure about or that you are doubting, move on!  Confidence is everything in photographs!  What you choose to wear should be comfortable, compliment your physical features, your individuality, and make you feel amazing!  I fully support clients who are willing to take a risk with thier fashion! I know I’ll love what you choose, however, I do encourage bringing along an extra outfit or two for each of you in case one gets dirty, if we have time to change during the session, or if you’d just like a second opinion before we start the session!

I hope you found this helpful!  Planning for a portrait session can feel intimidating and wonderful at the same time. Thankfully, I’m here to help!  Please reach out if you have any questions and in addition to this article, I’ve put together some other informative pages and examples to make planning for photos part of the fun!  Head over to my  exclusive tips page for more articles like this.