The local Guide

It’s one of the questions I get asked most frequently - “What do I eat, see and do while in Paris?" With a French husband as influence and after years exploring the city, I am happy to share more of my Paris with you.

Must Do's

Shop your local market - Wherever you are staying during your visit, France has some of the most fertile land, freshest food and it's readily available making for a very reasonable price!  Find your market and cook dinner in or have a picnic along the Seine more nights than not with all your favorite ingredients.

Eat at a Boulangerie - Ask for Chouquette (shoo-ket).  You won't be disappointed :)

The waterfront along the Seine river, Parc Rives de Seine - Running through the heart of Paris, the riverbanks have been transformed from an expressway into a green space that takes pedestrians from Place de la Bastille to the Eiffel Tower. With places to relax, open air restaurants and play areas for kids, sustainability is at the heart of this space.

Take in the ENTIRE city - There are multiple ways to do this, my favorite ways being Sacré Cœur and Arc de Triomphe as previously mentioned.  Notre dame is inexpensive. There is also Tour Montparnasse, a giant skyscraper in Paris which gives you more room to move around and see Paris from all around you.

The Eiffel Towel -  Last but not least, this iconic staple is most likely what you thought of first. Every hour on the hour, the tower lights up at night.  Whether you're in a taxi, walking or just showing up at Parc du Champ de Mars, the countdown is intense!  Don't feel like you should go to the top - I know some locals who haven't even done that.  It's beautiful from just about any spot.  Beware however - since it is the most iconic location in Paris, this district tends to be more pricey and does not offer as many authentic options.  

Embrace the Culture

Getting Around