Photography is an artform. The artist is someone you connect with, who is skilled and trusted to tell your story through their eyes so it can be shared and remembered. After studying business and photography at university in the United States, I decided to travel abroad and discover new places and cultures. Living in Paris has continued to inspire my entire brand. With a portfolio emphasis on quality, elegance, and depth, I feel fortunate to have collaborated and worked on projects worldwide in a large variety of media from websites to magazines.

Being your photographer is an ongoing position, capturing authentic stories you've created and will continue to create - your dreams, your hopes, your love. Every moment has an opportunity of documenting your story, creating tangible of the intangible. My goal for the individuals I am fortunate to meet is to capture the moments that happen when they let go of their inhibitions and capture the emotion of how it felt to be there, in the present moment. They can be themselves, even amongst chaos and anxiety. Today, this moment, how it all is, it’s “remember when…” I’m privileged to create something together - timeless portraits capable of expressing what the written word does not.

"I regularly take cat naps...  and pictures.

Almost as soon as I could grasp, I carried a book.

 I wanted to be a writer.

Today isn't an exception.

Telling a story with my photography

fulfills this.

This has never been just a career;

It’s capturing your present moment,

in my eyes gaze.

I enjoy a lot of things including

apples & peanut butter,

learning new languages,

& finding colors that compliment each other.

But pictures captivate me.

Everyday I find myself taking at least one.

Keeping amazing moments

of people, places or events...

Everything in its understated elegance.

That's what I like to think I do best.

Stopping time at just the right moment

to make a story timeless.

That's my goal.

To make everything

around me




Photos of me on this site were taken by Nastia Vesna, Courtney Laper and Abby Tohline.
All other photos were taken by good friends and my iPhone.




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