Paris on Film

As a photographer who has grown up through the age of transition to digital photography, I am going to shoot film for as long as I am able.  You can find me carrying multiple rolls of new or expired and preserved film that I load into my 70's version of today's Nikon, a Nikkormat.  These images were taken over the course of a few days in Paris, France.  The rolls of film used were preserved with an expire date of 1985.  Any coloring, marks, grain, or scratch is purely the film in it's age.

The reason I love film is the process.  It brings you to the root of photography: slowing down and being more present. It's not about instant gratification but putting in the work that will pay off later.  It's about working for the best even if the results are blank.  I spend 15-30 extra minutes EVERY time I go through an airport to have each roll hand checked.  Not to mention the dark room process.  Each image brings you back to the basics of a few buttons, correct exposure, and making art without relying on Photoshop.  Yes I could edit these scans on my computer but I choose not to for my own personal projects.

I'm a professional photographer who has chosen this year to pursue a way to share my passion.  Having the latest digital camera isn't what makes you a pro.  Having pure faith in the photo you just created, patience to flip through moments like pages and capture only a few, and. in the end, rendering an image that was worth every task to get it it.  This is the magic of art in photography that always has me ready even though I don't know what could possibly happen next.

Much love.

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