How to get around in Paris

There are NUMEROUS ways to get around Paris without it being expensive.  My first suggestion is the Metro. Buy one or two tickets to try it out and see if you like it (it is my primary transportation choice) and then buy a booklet for a discount on the total number of tickets.  There is also Vélib, which is a bike system set up all over Paris.  For the inexpensive cost, you can have a week long pass and get around above ground much quicker than walking.  Uber also works in Paris so if worse comes to worst, you can hop on this app and request a ride.  I would also recommend an app called City Mapper.  It pinpoints all the nearest transportation spots to you via bus, train, metro, bike or car.  It's RIDICULOUSLY convenient.   

– Metro (Subway) : Easy, convenient and fairly consistent when you need to get somewhere on time -

– UBER application : A private driver (similar to a taxi) that won’t cost you more than it should. Beware the estimated travel times vary greatly depending on traffic which is why I prefer the metro.

– Bicycle :
download the Velib app - Look around, you can’t miss them! You only need a credit card to get one.

– And my favorite way to get around in Paris, walk! : To make it easy if you don’t have service, download the application “Citymapper”.