What tips can you give couples on the other side of the lens to help make great portraits? 

Know the end result you’re looking for in terms of mood/feel and find a photographer who you feel can best create this. What experience do you want to relive through your portraits? Share the end result and experience with your photographer. Does my process of making that happen line up with what you want to experience? Also, share insecurities and be yourself if you’re looking for photographs that are authentic to who you are. Working with your photographer is a collaborative process and I can only document what is shared. Before your session, I take time to get to know you as a couple and discuss your inspirations, locations, likes and dislikes through email (or if possible video call or in-person coffee date). Every couple is unique, with their own story. When you spend time or money you never get it back. Invest in experience and you always get it back and more!

How much photography coverage do we actually need?

Every couple has different energy and a budget. My most popular session is the 2 hour sunrise session but it’s not uncommon to book couples for anywhere betweeen 30 minutes to 6 hours. I encourage families with little ones to stick with shorter sessions (30 minute or 1 hour). Some couples book 2 hours at sunrise + 2 hours at sunset. I am happy to share as much local knowledge as possible to customize your locations and make your perfect session a reality.

How much does it cost?

Please contact me about what you would like to have photographed and I will send you the tarifs.

What should we wear?

Once your date is confirmed, together we’ll fine tune your session itinerary with a questionnaire, a Pinterest moodboard and an optional meeting before the big day. I’ve put together an exclusive client lounge full of resources and photo session prep, including deciding what to wear to your photo session.  I also created a Pinterest board with outfit ideas for Paris if you’re interested.

Always keep location and weather in mind when planning your session wardrobe.  If it’s cold, dress warmly and bring a coat to wear inbetween shots or while walking to other locations.  If your shoes are a little more daring, be sure to bring a pair of flats too for inbetween shots.  Confidence is everything in photographs!  What you choose to wear should be comfortable, compliment your physical features, your individuality, and make you feel amazing!

Which locations do you recommend for our portraits?

The location of your photos will help to define the mood of the pictures.  I am happy to help my clients choose their locations, especially those traveling who don’t know the area.  However, time and time again I’ve been shown that my clients are SO awesome at this!  I’ve put together a list of locations in Paris on my exclusive client lounge page.  There, you will also find an article with 8 Tips for Choosing Your Location. Because, let’s be honest, there are so many lesser known just-as-amazing locations in this city. 

What if it rains?

Usually a gloomy day is not a problem because of the soft light (even with light rain). Yay for no squinting and no unflattering shadows!  If it showers, we have the option to make some very unique and beautiful images since most couples avoid the rain. We can also relocate to locations that provide cover and are still beautiful. If you would like, we can reschedule either later that day or choose another date depending on your & my availability.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We will find a new session date that works for both of us at no charge. I ask for a NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee to hold your date when you book.  If you'd like to cancel or reschedule, the retainer fee will not be returned. 

What if an event obstructs the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum or any of my preferred locations?

Nothing says “Paris” more than the Iron Lady herself. For this reason, many events take place in the immediate vicinity. Imagine a crane stretching right across the middle of the Eiffel Tower to set up the YSL runway - you get the point :) I always have a backup plan for these exact instances because in such a vibrant city it’s impossible to keep up and it happens. I will of course be open to discuss your options and go with what you feel is best for an alternative location. I do not offer refunds or reschedule portrait sessions in the event your preferred location is obstructed or visually less appealing.

When and how do I pay?

A NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee to secure your session is paid in advance. Once your date is confirmed, together we’ll fine tune your session itinerary with a questionnaire, a Pinterest moodboard and an optional meeting before the big day. Your booking fee covers prep work. The rest of the payment can be made before your session in installments (no fee!) or a lump sum right after your session. Payment is cash, Venmo, Paypal.  PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card for a 5% surcharge which I’ve included in the package price (session pricing includes applicable taxes and processing fees). Details will be given upon booking a session.

Are there any additional fees?

This only applies for longer sessions or if you opt to do an additional location - Transportation between locations during the session is covered by my couples if it is too far to walk and I normally use Uber. At the end of the session, if I have aquired the transportation cost, I add it to the remainder of the package. 

How much in advance should I book?

It is best to contact me at least 6 weeks in advance but feel free to reach out to check my availability!

Will you travel to meet us for photographs?

 Absolutely! The benefit of hiring a photographer from outside your region is their unique perspective!  In some cases, I have not shot at your location prior and will approach it with a newfound exuberance.  I am generally just thrilled to be there as well as inspired by the smallest details. There are no hidden fees for services performed outside of my current location in Paris.  Travel is included in my wedding packages. Whether around the world or at the comfort of your home, just ask.

What's the best hour for the photoshoot?

The best light is right at sunrise & two hours before sunset.  About 90% of my sessions are at sunrise, so if you've enjoyed what you've seen on my website, you may be interested in a sunrise session. 

Sunrise photo sessions are the best not only for lighting but to avoid the crowds.  As early as a sunrise session is, I promise, you can have cafes, courtyards and monuments to yourselves and, BONUS FOR SUMMER SESSIONS, sunrise is the coolest time of the day!  Week day mornings work best and, while it’s not always possible, we can schedule well in advance for when you’re available!   

What are your office hours?

Thank you for helping me be less distractible and more mindful for my clients as well as my family!  My office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM - 4PM, Paris (EET).  Oftentimes, I have a shoot or  a meeting scheduled during these hours.  I will respond to emails as soon as possible in the mentioned time frame, generally within 48 hours.  I will also be available an hour before your photoshoot in case of emergencies.   

Do you set up makeup and hair or would I be coordinating that on my own?

 I do have a list of preferred local artists who work in the comfort of your home, hotel, or airbnb! It very easy for me to coordinate the booking as I am often in touch with them, if you would prefer, and I like to keep things as simple as possible for my clients who are typically traveling or in the midst of planning a wedding. Of course, if you have an artist in mind already, I am happy to work with them!

Can you direct me to which photos from your portfolio are digital and not film? Do you edit the digital photos to have a more film look?

As a hybrid photographer, I shoot digitally for all sessions and weddings but incorporate film when and where I can.  Here is a link with example photographs that I hope explains the process more.    



Do you pose? How does that work? Basically we are clueless!

A huge part of my brand is incorporating lifestyle photography. With a less formal feel then traditional photography, lifestyle photography has a more everyday REAL look. It is a controlled environment with in between moments, even chaos, that tell a more personal story. While there isn’t anything wrong with traditional portraiture (all my sessions include at least one image), family and friends will be pleasantly surprised to relate more to candid images. It’s my job to guide you through your shoot, “set up” in a certain way and direct you to relaxed and very natural poses. SPOILER ALERT: It’s usually the moments between the pose that end up being the winners!

During the photoshoot, I will pay extra attention to the details others may worry about as well, such as hair, clothing, and makeup malfunctions. As you noticed, my approach is to get natural shots that are candid and fun but still flattering. I call this the art of a guided candid :) It is my job to make you forget the camera is even there! I give direciton as needed, making you look your best.

Can I bring props? Balloons, flowers, champagne etc.

Yes, any props are welcome!  Balloons, champagne, a book, roses, even a red umbrella for those rainy sessions are some ideas. I do not supply props so all props should be prepared one day in advance. Most shops are not open before 10AM*.

* Sunday is a public holiday so if you run your photo session on Monday, props should be prepared on Saturday.

What else can I bring along with me during the photo session?

I would suggest only essentials that can fit in a small bag: phones, wallets, cosmetics. This I can put in my bag during the length of your photo session. You can take a bag with outfit/shoes, changing or props but it shouldn't have anything valuable inside.

How do we get around?

Most of the locations are situated nearby, so we usually walk. If you have not very comfortable high-heels, it's better to have a pair of flat shoes with you for walking inbetween shots. For the remote locations we will use local taxi or Uber*. 

*Transport fees are not included in tarifs

How many outfits can I have? Where can I change it?

One hour or less = one outfit :) We can change in a restaurant if we take a coffee/water/wine/whatever. 



When and how do I receive the edited photos? 

Please allow up to 3 weeks processing time for your photos in the busy season (about 6 weeks for weddings). You will receive a personal online gallery where you will be able to view your fully edited images. Please download and print your heart away! You also have the option to print them through your gallery link. I’ve selected some of the best photo labs, fulfilling print orders for everything from albums to calendars around the world.

How long do I have access to my images?

Your images will be available 4 weeks after you receive it and then the gallery will expire. Clients may request a re-opening of their gallery after it has expired. An unarchiving fee of 50€ will be incurred. 

Do we have the option to purchase more digital files from the shoot than what was originally purchased?

The number of original photos taken is not limited and depends on the amount of time I am booked for. I do, however, guarantee edits/hour based on which package you select. You will only recieve edited photos, no originals. BONUS: If we create more good photos than the amount selected, they are included at no extra cost :)

Could you please send me the RAW files?

No, I don't send raw files.

Can you please apply more Photoshop? 

Even though the equipment  I utilize is of a professional grade, I rarely give you a photo straight out of my camera without enhancing it digitally.  With a minor in photography and years of Photoshop training and experience, I have the tools and education to edit your photos professionally.  Knowing just how much a simple edit can give your photos edge, each photo chosen is hand edited by me to make sure the quality of every image meets my standards.  Images are edited for excellent color and clarity.  I do not edit skinniness or airbrush.  I leave that to the tabloids.  Each and every one of my clients deserves to be photographed in their natural state and beauty.  I am here to document you not alter you. 

I cannot stress this enough.

  Additional retouching for individual photos is as follows:

Correcting the skin, deleting people on the background etc. = 5€ per photo

In the private gallery, you can make a selection of items that need extra retouching. Up to 5 photos can be selected for additional retouching per session. Once the payment is received, retouched photos will be sent within my business hours 1 additional week from the requested date.