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Brandon + Ashley

Booking details: 2 hour Sunrise Session at Trocadero, along the River Seine and a cafe


What brought you to Paris, what did you do and enjoy the most? 

We had a wild start to our trip and some stories we will never forget! We officially call it our "second honeymoon", as we are newlyweds and this was a big summer trip through Europe after our spring wedding. Paris was the perfect romantic location to document our love and travel.

In a few words, describe your portrait session experience with Brittany Marie Photography.

 Our photoshoot with Brittany was a dream! We had such a great time during the session, we didn't stop talking about it on the rest of the vacation! The location she picked was stunning. The experience of the early morning breeze with no crowding was amazing. It was great to meet a local (but also from the US) and for her to take us to see parts of Paris that we would have never seen or knew existed. She made us feel so comfortable and she was so much fun to talk to!

Describe what you both wore. Would you recommend wearing this to others who have booked a session?

I wore a red dress that I could twirl in and nude heels. My husband wore a suit in blue that complemented the red. It was close to fourth of July and the colors were excellent. There were other girls taking pictures in red flowy dresses nearby as well. I would recommend wearing what you feel comfortable in because there will be some walking.

Would you recommend me to your friends and family? Do you have any other comments or suggestions not already covered?

Yes. The thing that stuck out the most to me was how helpful Brittany was. She reached out to me ASAP after I expressed interest and she had answered all of my questions and more. She is so organized and professional! She set up a Pinterest board for me, helped me pick a dress, suggested locations, and even offered advice on hair and makeup... She was more helpful than our own wedding photographer ever was! We are so grateful to have had her as our first vacation photographer. She set the bar high!



Adam + Nicole

Booking details: 1 hour 30 min Sunrise Session at Trocadero, private Parisian streets and a cafe


What brought you to Paris, what did you do and enjoy the most? 

The trip was amazing! Around every corner there was something magical to see or experience. We ate some incredible food - most notably at Pamela Popo - and cried multiple times over beautiful places; Sainte-Chapelle topping the list. We enjoyed using the subway system and, in general, found the city easy to get around despite the travel blogs saying otherwise. We got to meet some super nice people, too. Brittany being one of them! One memory that stands out is when Adam suggested we take the Bird electric scooters uphill at the Sacre Coeur. Let me just tell you that cobblestone streets and electric scooters don't mix. My bruises are just now starting to fade from that spill! All in all, it was such an incredible experience and we're already making a list of things we want to do when we visit next!

In a few words, describe your portrait session experience with Brittany Marie Photography. 

Our session with Brittany was just fantastic. She put us at ease and really made the whole process so much fun! Thank you for being so courteous and for schlepping our bags all over town! That was NOT part of your job but we were appreciative none the less. You're a genuine soul and I can tell you really cared about the session and were focused on giving us the best images you could. Thank you for working so hard on our behalf. We will not soon forget the experience.

Describe what you both wore. Would you recommend wearing this to others who have booked a session? 

I wore a blue tulle dress and brought two jacket options: a trench and a suede moto jacket. My husband wore khakis, leather converse, and a suit jacket with a sweater. I think these were great outfit choices because they allowed us to switch it up depending on the location. I would not recommend wearing your hair up as I did unless you have someone amazing to do it for you because there were a couple spots that could have been brushed nicer or finessed that I couldn't see but the camera did. If I could do it over again I would take up Brittany's offer to have a hairdresser come over and beautify me :)



Morgan + Carolina

Booking details: 2 hour Sunrise Session at the Louvre and Tuileries gardens


Did you have any concerns about photography before you booked your photographer? Was there anything about having your photo taken that made you anxious or concerned before the session? 

Before the photoshoot, Morgan was a little shy and worried of not being natural but, at the end, he felt reallly confident being with me. Our wonderful photographer made us feel a good environment. I was worried about my outfit and the weather! I loved to have your help choosing my outfit - Thank you!

How do you feel about the experience and investment now that your images are delivered and your album is complete? 

We are so excited! We can't wait too put our pictures in a frame and decore our home.

What was your favorite part of working with Brittany Marie Photography and why?

Ready to capture a real moment. She finds the real love between a couple. She’s really patient and she waits for what she and the client had in mind. She continues until you have the perfect result. Professional and fun, she makes you feel confindent. You can always be yourself with her and that's what make her pictures so great!

How would you describe the experience? 

It's fun, romantic and totally worth it, we were so happy we did it! We loved to have help for the poses. One of our favourite moments was Morgan laying across my lap at the Louvre. It was so natural and easy going. Dancing and fooling around was a moment that we also loved. It is really great to have a photograph of what you’re interested in and your favorite things to do together. The pictures were like a love story. We had fun and, at the end, we were happy we woke up early on a Sunday morning. It’s not really easy but it was totally perfect and we didn’t even know the time passed by. THANK YOU!