Anniversary Session | The Louvre, Palais Royal and Walks Along the Seine | Paris France

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As a Paris photographer, I had so much fun running around the coolest parts of the city this past weekend with these two! Laura has always had a knack for the BEST outfits slash timeless peices. Garrett even came through with a turtleneck (go Garrett!) and peacoat for this winter anniversary shoot.  I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to be their professional photographer in Paris for a vacation they have had planned for a very long time.

Their anniversary photo shoot took place at Palais Royal, with a jaunt to the Louvre afterwards, followed by a stroll along the Seine.  Much like their love, I wanted their photos to be timeless. After 11 years together 8 of those married, they’re just as in love today as they ever were.

Without further ado, the duo take Paris.



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