Why You Should Hire a Film Photographer


Part of my philosophy as a photographer is to utilize both film and digital cameras to document and safe-keep your story. Film is my favorite format for portraits! It’s difficult to put into words exactly how or why I personally like to shoot film more than digital; it has a quality and feel that is insanely dreamy. Film delivers richness and depth as opposed to the super-sharp quality digital photographs can have. This is just one reason among others listed below that I choose to offer this service to my clients.


Knowledge of How Photography Works

One big advantage of hiring a photographer who can also shoot film is knowing they are able to understand more about subjects and lighting. Successfully using film cameras requires a lot from a photographer! There are vital skills and bits of knowledge you need to have in order to create beautiful, print-worthy film images. Film speed, focal length, exposure, composition and lighting situations -- all combined in-camera without the ability to see a preview on the back of the camera after the image was taken are a few! In short, using film sharpens a photographers skills, making us better at our craft, even when we switch to digital.

Classic Images

Shooting film allows me to create fun, beautiful and nostalgic photographs that won't ever look dated. Film, with it’s stunning range of colors and tones, is hard to replicate. The images I get with film look alive and don’t require additional editing (other than my personal brand touch ups). Film handles color and light differently. It is able to capture a wide spectrum of tones in shadows while still maintaining detail in highlights. Hot mid-day sun has the potential to ruin images when properly exposing with digital but, with film, the sky shows up blue and full of detail.  Basically, I’ve got my bases covered to deliver timeless, gorgeous, well-balanced photos!

Intentional Images

Creating beautiful, natural images that move viewers to feel awe is something I value and attain in every client session. I always seek, like other photographers, to bring the focus on the subject. Film developed by professional equipment and labs gives an amazingly beautiful production of skin tones that is often very difficult to replicate with digital.

Combining Film and Digital

Weddings can be pretty fast-paced events! This is where having digital cameras alongside our film cameras is extremely handy. The setup time and setting adjustments can be far quicker in a digital camera than film, and I don't want to miss any details! Also, not only can the film itself get lost in the mail on the way to the lab, but film cameras are typically older and could break without the photographer knowing until the film comes back! By having digital cameras, I am able to provide extra security for your photos to make sure your images don't get lost or damaged. For weddings, having both film and digital also allows choice of equipment to capture the full-range of lighting situations, from bright harsh light to dimly lit receptions.

Below is a low resolution example taken the same day of Kasia and Adrian’s wedding, just after they were married.

IMG_6851 (1).jpg

Although film is a fun format, it takes time to get images back from the lab and it is more expensive than it’s alternative. Any cons are small compared to the long list of pros! This is why I personally book photographers with a passionate and deep understanding of the benefits of memories on film.



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